VelodromeRacing Gloves

R550.00 (Shipping Included)

BLS VelodromeRacing gloves, designed for maximal performance on track cycling and fixed gear crits.


Product Description

We are excited to be launching the BLS VelodromeRacing gloves. Forming part of the VelodromeRacing range, these high performance lightweight gloves were specially designed for the unique requirements of track cycling. Aerodynamics, usability, grip and safety were at the forefront of the unique design.

After extensive R&D and testing in all conditions, we were able to put together these high quality and durable gloves which feature a serino leather construction for maximal aerodynamics and fit, breathability in hot or cold velodromes, and safety; an elastic cuff for comfort, usability and increased aerodynamics, as well as a honeycomb silicone design on the entire palm and fingers for maximal grip and real feel on carbon or bar tape.

Getting inspiration from the hexagonal shape of honeycomb, which is compact, strong and able to reach a larger surface area even when deformed, the unique honeycomb silicone design allows you to do get the maximal surface area of your handlebar for grip.  The thin layer also allows you to get a real feel for the bars, as well as the wax like feel for extra stick.  We have placed this honeycomb not only on the fingers, but on the entire palm, leaving nothing to chance. We had the aim of making gloves with the best grip to a carbon handlebar, and we are confident we’ve achieved that!

These gloves are suitable for the most powerful sprinters in the world, allowing you to not loose grip of the bar when pushing out maximum watts, and giving you unrivalled aerodynamics when going at max speed.   As well as endurance riders in a bunch race, a pursuit where every millisecond counts or a Madison where the sling is everything. They’re the perfect accompaniment to the already proven world class BLS straps and range of VelodromeRacing luggage.

These gloves are also suitable for the brutal requirements of BMX racing and the popular fixed gear criterium circuit.

This product is sent via the PostNet-PostNet service.  Delivery is 2-4 days.

See sizing chart here.

Each pair comes with a BLS VelodromeRacing drawstring bag

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