Velodrome Bag

R1,550.00 (Shipping Included)

Track cycling specific bag

Product Description

The BLS Velodrome Bag for track cycling

A never before seen, all-in-one, track companion; features the already well known track gear bag built into a complete track cycling specific piece of luggage.

The unique design not only catches the eye, but its practicality is something much needed in velodromes all over the world – from world cups to club meetings, every rider needs this on their trips to and from the track.

It eliminates the need for many bags and items on your journey to the track, all your equipment fits into this one piece. It’s you, your bike, and your velodrome bag. Special compartments for your shoes, helmet, water bottles, kit, accessories, and then of course all your gears and tools; creates a perfect velodrome companion.

If you would like to make your travels to and from the velodrome chasing your dreams as easy and of course, as fast as possible, you need to get yourself a BLS velodrome bag.

This product is shipped FREE via the PostNet-PostNet service.  Delivery is 3-4 days.

NOTE: this bag is a track cyling specific bag.  For a road/MTB bag please see the VeloRacing bag.

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