VelodomeRacing Jacket

R950.00 R550.00 (Shipping Included)

High quality BLS VelodromeRacing bonded hoodie allows you to portray yourself to the world as a track cyclist.


Product Description

The BLS Velodrome Racing off the bike range of clothing was designed to carry over the unique culture of track cycling to everyday life, therefore letting you share your passion for the velodrome not only on the bike, but throughout everyday life.  Whether that be in the gym, at the office or on your date night, we have you covered.  You can now share your love for the great sport with the world and proudly portray who you are, a track cyclist!

The entire range is made from the highest quality materials, along with designs that will simply make you look and feel good.

This soft shell bonded jacket is perfect for day-day use as well as your night out; it’s warm enough for the winter but can even be used on some chilly summer’s evenings.

This product will be sent via FREE PostNet-PostNet service.  Delivery is 3-4 days.

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