Velcro Toe Straps – Cable Tie

R500.00 (Shipping Included)

Velcro toe straps, for Look/Shimano pedals using a cable tie attachment


Product Description

After the success of our first generation Velcro toe straps in Rio, we took the valuable feedback from our BLS athletes and customers from across the world, to come up with the latest edition of our Velcro toe straps.

These new straps were tested by our Olympic and world champion athletes at the recent UCI world track championships in Hong Kong. They feature the same high quality and strongest available polypropylene webbing, a metal buckle, and the choice of 3 different lengths according to shoe size for best fit.

The difference is that these attach to the pedal using cable ties, allowing it to be placed further up the foot for added support, as well as easier cleating in and fastening. These are suitable for the best and most powerful sprinters in the world.

Manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa; they are still the most convenient, aerodynamic and affordable option available.

NOTE: they only work with Look (excluding aero models) and Shimano do to them needing to be fastened to the pedals with cable ties.

For straps that will work with any pedal, please see our axle version.

Personalization options are also available.

This product is sent via the PsotNet to PostNet service.  Delivery is 2-4 days.

Additional information


Small (up to 41.5), Medium (up to 44.5), Large (45+)


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