Velodrome Bag

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$175.00 (Shipping Included)

The BLS Velodrome Bag for track cycling

A never before seen, all-in-one, track companion; features the already well known track gear bag built into a complete track cycling specific piece of luggage.

The unique design not only catches the eye, but its practicality is something much needed in velodromes all over the world – from world cups to club meetings, every rider needs this on their trips to and from the track.

It eliminates the need for many bags and items on your journey to the track, all your equipment fits into this one piece. It’s you, your bike, and your velodrome bag. Special compartments for your shoes, helmet, water bottles, kit, accessories, and then of course all your gears and tools; creates a perfect velodrome companion.

If you would like to make your travels to and from the velodrome chasing your dreams as easy and of course, as fast as possible, you need to get yourself a BLS velodrome bag.

This product is shipped FREE via a tracked courier.  Worldwide delivery is 3-5 days.

37 x 31 x 34 cm (39 liters)

The new X-large version is now available

Additional information

Weight 2.35 kg
Dimensions 46 × 37.5 × 9 cm

9 reviews for Velodrome Bag

  1. Matthew de Freitas

  2. Sebastian Miller

    Best piece of kit I have purchased in ages. So easy to pack for a ride or race. Everything has its own spot and the Velodrome bag has a side zipper for tools which is great as I no longer have to carry around a tool box as well.

    I use it for the track, road races and all mountain bike excursions. Its well made and cleans easily.

    Really cant rave enough about it. Great to see people putting some thought in to great products that as well made.

    Looking forward to see what BLS brings out next.

    Well done guys.

  3. Jeff A.

    Awesome bag! I am fairly new to track cycling, but I use it for both track sessions and as a smaller “just what I need” bag for getting to and from group road rides. It works great in all situations.

  4. Jeff Holt

    Excellent, well thought-out product. Not overly bulky, yet big enough to fit everything you need for a day/night of track racing into this bag. Makes getting to/from the track infield much easier. Just carry this bag, your bike & have some legs & your good to race. Highly recommended!…Side Note: I live in the US and this bag arrived on more doorstep in one week. All foreign transactions should be so easy.

  5. Roy van den Berg

    Awesome bag which i always use at my track trainings!! Its a must to have!!!

  6. Darren Cripwell

    Nice bag loving it I am now allot more organised shoes helmet tools all in one place(don’t have to stress about anything when going to the velodrome – its all there), good quality, the BLS boys are really helpful and accommodating.

  7. Ryan Mallinson

    Just to add to that review, thoroughly recommend. All of my track stuff lives in this bag and stays there (other than being washed!) for each session. No more searching around for my shoes, sprockets. Everything lives in it’s right place!

  8. Bananaman (verified owner)

    The service has been fantastic. This bag fits everything that i will ever need at the velodrome. FANTASTIC

  9. Jeff

    A really good product that would be excellent if only it came with a shoulder strap. Unfortunately, that one omission lessens the utility of an otherwise terrific bag.

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